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By Jennifer on 2008-06-04 03:37 PM

Today, it seems that every where you go you are surrounded by condominiums. I know when I step out my front door where it used to be forest is now turned into a 40 floor condo building. It seems that condo’s are slowly taking over the world little by little. The housing market is slowing crashing and with that more and more families are moving into these tiny minimal condos. One day you had a huge 3 bedroom house and the next day you are living in a mouse hole.
The next thing you have to worry about is all that furniture you once had is impossible to move into your condo. You are now looking at the world of downsizing to smaller pieces that will fit and not look cluttered. You also have to make sure that these pieces are going to last a long time especially if you have children. You want something that’s durable and safe and that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime. You also want furniture that is very up to date and modern so your friends won’t think you are stuck in the 19th century.
One piece of furniture that I highly recommend for minimal living space would be a leather bean bag chair. Not only does this piece look trendy and modern, it’s also very comfortable.
When I moved into my condo I couldn’t believe how little of space I had to put all of my belongings in there. I had come from a huge house into a tiny room, just enough space to fit a bed and a television and that wasn’t really leaving me enough space to get around. I also looked at what type of furniture I should get. I know I wanted to get something that was comfortable and yet modern at the same time. I also wanted a piece of furniture that would be good for small spaces and not take up a lot of room. I also needed it to be durable so it would last a long time because I would eventually be moving out and where I went it would have to go.
I shopped around in my local area of Toronto and nothing really caught me eye. One day I was shopping and found a bean bag chair. I didn’t really like the quality and felt it was too childish for me and thought that maybe if they made it in a different material like leather and was more modern looking then that would be a good option for me. I went home and decided to punch that phrase into the internet and found this site: which is a Canadian company and their product guaranteed me a high quality chair. My roommate thought it was a good idea because she told me how good leather is, I had always thought leather was a bad product, but she reassured me it’s the best type of material around and that it would be a really good investment. I read all the testimonials on the bean bag site and it seemed to be an amazing product so I decided to purchase one.
Let me tell you, when I received it, I fell in love at first touch. It’s very hard for me to leave my chair at night and sleep in my bed. The chair doesn't take up much room and my condominium has never looked so sheik and comfy at the same time. It's look's modern and trendy which is good so I can keep up with the trends of the furniture world. It's so durable and tough that I know it will last me a long time. I honestly think this is the best investment I have ever bought

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